Ask yourself…

Are you struggling to reach & attract top talent?

Are you attracting the clients that you want to work with?

Are you building a credible and competitive agency?

LURE can…

Support your agency in attracting and retaining passionate talent and captivating new clients, all while enhancing your online visibility to position yourself as a leader in your industry.

We do things

a little differently…

LURE’s objective is to revitalise your recruitment marketing strategies, offering your agency a competitive advantage. LURE’s personalised one-on-one service will be meticulously customised to align with your agency’s objectives, aiming to attract and retain top-tier recruitment talent and candidates, all while cultivating a strong online presence for prospective clients to explore.

So, what are you waiting for?


Recruitment Marketing Redefined,

Results Guaranteed


LURE was born to assist recruitment firms in optimising their online presence for enhanced ROI.

Our team comprises of top-performing individuals with extensive experience in leading UK agencies. Time and time again, we’ve observed that while agencies may possess all the necessary elements for success, the critical factor that can either propel or hinder a company is its marketing.

Drawing from our competitors’ successes and failures, we’ve designed a service we’d use ourselves. We’re here to help you leverage your online presence and become your marketing powerhouse, setting you apart as a leader in the field. Because in recruitment, marketing is the key to standing out among the rest. 

We believe that marketing is vital for building a strong foundation for your brand and employees alike, and we understand that you’re busy finding and placing top candidates and procuring outstanding clients.

That’s why we created an agency dedicated to passionate recruitment leaders, first-class billers, and consultants overseeing multiple candidates through their processes, wherever they may be in their recruitment journey.

We have a profound passion for recruitment, a deep appreciation of its significance, and an unwavering commitment to elevating your agency’s prominence.

Edward has been a great asset over the past few months. His expertise in formulating a digital brand strategy for our brand, and effectively executing it has been impressive. Through his efforts, my online presence has significantly increased and our followers have become more engaged with our content.

Edward’s attention to detail and ability to understand our brand’s needs has allowed him to create content that resonates with our audience, often linking back to the fundamentals in our website and always pushing for new ways to inform, engage and entertain.

I highly recommend Edward to anyone looking for a talented and reliable marketing consultant. He has exceeded all of our expectations and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Managing Director, Logistics

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